About Us


1. Our innovative Skin care Consultation

At Spa De Vries we pride ourselves.on performing not just any skin consultation, but one that will fully capture the look of your skin from the inside out. Our experienced aestheticians know how to analyze your skin and develop a treatment regimen that will provide the results your’re looking for!

2. Our Attention to Detail

Spa De Vries was developed around one concept, to provide the best client/patient experience and pay attention to every detail!
We pride ourselves on a professionally trained staff that starts your relaxation journey the moment you contact us to schedule a treatment. Whether it is relaxing on one of our couches while sipping a cup of tea, deciding what essential oil blend you may want incorporated into your treatment or giving you that incredible massage, we want you to know just how important you are.

3. Our Customized Masques

Spa De Vries is the only spa in Sarasota offering customized facial and body masques. Our masques are made from the finest clays and muds, the purest essential oils and botanical extracts as well as popular vitamins and antioxidants. Each masque is made fresh to treat your specific skin type and conditions.

4. Our Balance of relaxation and results

At Spa De Vries we know what our clients want and so when choosing product lines we went with ones that provided relaxation as well as results. Naturopathica Holistic Skin Care is certified by ECOCERT and prides itself on using only the highest-quality ingrediants from some of the finest artisans, herbalists and local farmers in North America.

PCA Skin is our dermatologist approved, advanced aesthetic treatment product line. They were the originator of advanced blended chemical peel formulations. Their treatments address a variety of skin issues without the downtime and discomfort associated with similar treatments.

Jane Iredale Cosmetics are known as the Skin Care Makeup because they not only make your skin look beautiful, but they’re actually beneficial too! Their products help soothe irritated skin, are non-comedogenic, contain no talc or parabens and provide broad-spectrum sun protection.

5. Our Passion for Skin Health and Wellbeing

Many spas offer skin and body treatments, but what makes Spa De Vries stand apart from other spas is our passion for skin and body health. Our staff and licensed therapists love sharing their knowledge and passion with our clients. We believe by educating our clients we will help them achieve great skin health and wellbeing.

6. Our State-of-the-Art Equipment

At Spa De Vries we took our time researching the latest equipment in the aesthetic industry. We wanted equipment and tools that would bring our clients real results. We start with our imaging equipment which looks beyond the superficial layers of your skin.
This equipment helps to analyze your skin as well as document the changes you will experience during your treatments.

We offer an excellent alternative to traditional Microdermabrasion with our DermaSweep Skin Rejuvenation System.
This system not only exfoliates through the use of various brushes but it also infuses vitamens, nutrients and serums deep into
the layers of your skin.

if you are looking for photo-rejuvenation therapy, we offer the best in Sarasota. We are proud to be the only Lightwave Photo-Rejuvenation Light Therapy System in Sarasota. This piece of equipment can target everything from fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, acne, cellulite, and even stretch marks! We have everything you need to achieve beautiful, healthy skin.

7. Become the New You

In today’s society, we are so busy trying to balance work, family, social engagements as well as so many other obligations that we often forget about ourselves. It is time to Become the New You! Take those few hours and make time for a relaxing treatment, take a few extra minutes each day to nourish your skin, your body and your mind. Take that extra time to focus on relaxing and rejuvenating at Spa de Vries!